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My writing career began in the 90’s, when I moved to the Smoky Mountains with my family.  I’m a sci-fi, paranormal romance writer and screenwriter writing on the edge of reality.

Currently, I live in the Smokies (where most of my stories were hatched) with my husband and our dogs, Ellie and Charlie. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, gardening, hiking, photography, crafts and watching movies.

My debut novel, “The Abduction,” is out now as an ebook and in print.  My second book, “Revenge” is now out in both formats.

My logline for “The Abduction” is:  What if you were mistaken for a criminal and abducted by aliens?

“On a lawless moon of Plexus, a resourceful loner struggles to escape his alien, slave-trading father with the help of a beautiful Bounty Hunter who he realizes is worth more than his ticket back to Earth.”

My logline for “Revenge” is:  What if you fell in love with someone bent on revenge of their brother’s murderer and you discover you’re the killer?

“A reformed criminal struggles with a hidden power and the truth about the murdered brother of the revenge-seeking woman he loves.”

I am offering the companion book, “The Vaedra Chronicles,” FREE just for signing up to my Readers Group.

Sign up for my Readers Group now and get a FREE preview chapter of “The Abduction” at:  www.esterlopez.com.

I blog at two other sites:

www.writingontheedgeofreality.esterlopez.com and www.AuthorBlogSpot.esterlopez.com

I review books at:  http://estersreviews.novelblogs.com/